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OEM12c Overview for DBA Francisco Munoz Alvarez LAOUC, CLOUG & NZOUG President IOUC LA Spokesperson 8/9/10g/11g OCP, RAC OCE, AS OCA, E-Business OCP, SQL/PLSQL OCA, Oracle 7 OCM Oracle 7, 11GR2 & OVM 3.1 Beta Tester ITIL Certified 2010 Oracle Ace Director of the year by Oracle Magazine Grow up Mature Born here Got Married Here Now Living here here here DBIS - Copyright 2010 2 AGENDA 1. Introduction to OEM12C 2. How to Install 3. Troubleshooting 4. Tips 5. Licensing Information Introduction Complete Cloud Lifecycle Management Plan Optimize Meter & Setup Charge Applications and Business Services Platform as a Service DBaaS MWaaS Build Infrastructure Manage as a Service Test Monitor Deploy Plan and Setup the Cloud Environment • Discover IT assets • Plan capacity and consolidation • Setup cloud services • Define access rules and controls PLAN & SETUP Package Multi-tier Enterprise Applications Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Capture Complete Package Into Upload to Software Deploy Self-Service Application Topology Single Assembly Library HTTP HTTP Oracle Enterprise Manager OVM OVM WLS OVM DB Metadata OVM BUILT Test Applications End-to-End Automate Application, Middleware and Database Testing Testing Application Oracle Functional Oracle Load Oracle Test Changes Testing Testing Manager Testing Infrastructure SQL Performance Database Replay Application Changes Analyzer Replay Test Data and Lab Data Masking Data Discovery Data Subsetting Management and Modeling Synthetic Workload Production Workload Test Data Management TEST Self-Service Access Self-Service Freedom, Professional Control • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) – x86 and SPARC • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) – Database (DBaaS), Java,…. – Physical and virtual environment support • Out-of-box Portal and APIs DEPLOY Monitor and Manage Cloud Operations • Track resource flux, tenants, policy violations, etc • Monitor requests and failures • Manage resource and capacity utilization • Automatic, policy driven elasticity MONITOR & MANAGE Meter, Charge and Optimize Cloud Services • Application-to-Disk resource metering • Chargeback/Showback • Oracle Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) Integration • Optimize performance, capacity, QoS, costs… METER -CHARGE & OPERATIONS RELIABILITY PERFORMANCE SECURITY SUPPORT Fusion Applications Management Deep, Integrated, Business-Driven • Application discovery, modeling and monitoring • Integrated business-IT view • Performance, configuration and lifecycle management Middleware Management New Automation to Lower TCO • Deep and integrated application performance management – Middleware diagnostics advisor – Automatic metric correlation – Multi-domain log viewer – Routing topology • Provisioning Automation – Domain scale up, scale-out – App deploy, undeploy Database Management Extending Database Self-Management Leadership • Advance Performance Diagnostics – Real-Time ADDM – Compare Period ADDM – Active Session History (ASH) Analytics • Mass Database Upgrade Automation • Minimal Downtime Patching Engineered Systems Management • Integrated hardware and software • Exadata and Exalogic management – Hardware schematics and alerts – Integrated and deep software management – Har

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