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How To Access Hundreds Of Divorce Leads. PUBLISHED BY: Curry Programs 4300 Marsh Landing Parkway Suite 101 Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 Renegade Agent Marketing Corp. All Rights Reserved. May be shared with copyright and credit left intact. AgentROI.com About Curry Programs Curry Programs is an elite real estate mar- keting company assisting real estate agents to list and sell more property by providing cutting edge marketing material, training and software. We provide agents with the tools to implement these our proven mar- keting strategies in their business. Chris Curry and Calvin Curry started the compa- ny back in 2008, while working together as real estate agents in Gainesville, Florida. Chris still sells real estate today and has since age sixteen. Throughout the years, both Chris and Calvin have designed and tested abso- lutely every marketing method they could think of – from flat fee, to rentals, to auction sales – in order to realize unique ways to market real estate and get homes sold. In that time, they tried out a variety software, but when they could not find what they needed, they decided to create their own. Our business marketing software is based on our own needs and first-hand knowledge of what works, learned as working real estate agents. In 2013, Chris and Calvin moved and started an independent brokerage called You First Real Estate – here in Jacksonville, Florida. From our two branches, in Lake City and Jack- sonville, we provide our suite of marketing soft- ware to other agents through our various mem- bership websites, including Listing Funnels and AgentROI Labs, based on what style of marketing the agent needs. The strategies found on our sites are the same strategies we implement in our own business. Our team of dedicated professional has grown to over (20) members, who work around the clock to provide our members with the most up-to-date, tried and tested marketing strategies. Here are some of the things you will discover in this guide: • How to buy a hundred leads for a quarter each and start marketing to them today. • How to buy leads at “Wholesale Pricing” for less than a nickel each. • How to find out where your competition is getting listings from and list those properties before your competition has a chance to talk to them. • Discover how to use your local courthouse website to find hundreds of motivated seller leads that you didn’t even know existed. • How to mail hundreds of marketing letters each month and get paid to mail them. I know this may sound unbelievable. But, it’s true. The agents that are using taking advantage of this opportunity don’t want you to benefit from it. They are trying to keep it a secret because they are able to list dozens of homes each month. • Several new ways to generate listings that you didn’t even know existed. Let’s get started. You have a couple of different options for accessing leads. Here they are: Option #1: Buy the leads for 25 cents a lead. We provide them for 25 cents each on our website. Just go here to order them. Option #2: Buy large quantities of wholesale leads. You can buy them for as low as 4.9 cents apiece. But, there is a minimum $50 order. Go here to get more in- formation on how to order them. ------------------------------------------------------- Now that you have the leads, what should you mail them? We offer a complete marketing system for listing Divorcing Homeowners. Go here for more info. ------------------------------------------------------- Option #3: Research the leads yourself using the local courthouse’s website. Here are the instructions on how to do that. Video Instructions To Research Leads Text Instructions To Research Leads (If you don’t want to watch a video) A. Find the people that are getting divorced. Contact your county courthouse for information on how to get the leads. The people that work there will help you get the information. You might also be able to get the information off of the county Clerk of Court’s Website. In some areas it is called the Register of Deeds. Just Google “County Name Courthouse” and the correct website will probably show up at the top of the results. You will want to look up divorce cases and look for recent divorces. We mail people with a finalized divorce and people who just started the divorce process. You will get a better conversion from people that are closer to finalizing their divorce. B. Find out if the divorcees own a home. Once you have the name of the peo- ple getting divorced, search your county’s property records to see if they own a home. Quick Note:

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