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Spirit Steed Reiki Empowerment Spirit Steed Reiki Empowerment All artwork and the manual are copyrighted by Linda Colibert Jan. 2009 SpiritLight Reiki Linda Colibert Reiki Master Teacher Lightarian Facilitator White Light Self Empowerment Master Teacher Accredited by the World Metaphysical Association www.spiritlightreiki.com linda@spiritlightreiki.com sonlynx@suddenlink.net 2 Spirit Steed Reiki Empowerment The Spirit Steed Reiki Empowerment connects you to your personal Spirit Steed to carry you and guide you on astral and spirit journeys. This opens your third eye and psychic centers, and helps to enhance your abilities. You will be guided through an astral meditation that knows no limits of time or distance, and also a spirit journey of discovery. You will be given information on how to use the energies to increase your psychic awareness, how to get guidance to help you with improving your life, and how to meet with (or connect with), those who have crossed over. Your Spirit Steed will carry you safely to the past, future, and other realms for guidance and wisdom to help you improve your life and heal yourself and issues that must be dealt with. Spirit Steed Reiki Empowerment The Spirit Steed generally appears as a white horse, but may be any color, even blue, purple, or green. Sometimes these noble horses reveal their wings, other times they do not. Their appearance may be somewhat ghostly at times. They do exist in the ethers, after all. They may talk to you, or simply communicate telepathically. They may not say anything at all. But the Spirit Steed will always keep you safe on any astral or spirit journey, and return you safely to the mundane world in which we live. The Spirit Steed transports you to otherworlds, and other times when you are on an astral or spirit journey. You will ride the Spirit Steed to visit any place or time, you wish to travel. There is no need to worry about getting lost, for the Spirit Steed knows the way there and back. 3 To connect to your Spirit Steed for astral travel you can use the symbol shown below: Spirit Steed symbol 1 This symbol is a simple cloud. The cloud represents the rising in spirit, and the lightness as the weight of the world is left behind. You can draw this symbol in the palms of your hands with your finger and then place your palms together to run the energies. This is a very good symbol to use not only for basic astral travel, but also to connect with and pay a short visit with those who may have crossed over. Meditation for astral travel to other realms: Run the energies as mentioned above by drawing the symbol of a cloud in your palms and they placing your palms together. Take 3 deep breaths and exhale slowly to release stress. And then see yourself riding the Spirit Steed. See the clouds, as you rise above them and travel beyond. Feel the energies of the Earth fall away and the lightness of peace and love wrap around you. For Visiting Those Who Have Crossed Over: Speak the name of the person you want to visit who has crossed over and visualize this person with love and light. Open your heart and allow this person’s message to come through to you. Do not worry about contacting 4 someone else or the wrong person, because the Spirit Steed will take you to connect with the one you seek to visit. Feel the love and light. If you have a message for this person, say it with your heart and they will hear you. Do not stay too long. Those who have crossed over, do have to move on and do other things, so do not try to hold them there with you or keep them with you. Simply allow their words or message to come through to you, and speak your message to them briefly. Then let them go about their business. If you try to hold them too long or try to cling to them, the Spirit Steed will bring you back to reality and ground you quickly. The Spirit Steed is here to help you and your loved ones find peace, love, and closure, and to give a chance to you both to exchange love and light for encouragement and enlightenment. The Spirit Steed will never allow you to be locked into clinging or holding yourself or the other person down. You may feel a bit lightheaded after this journey to the otherside. Eat something or place you

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