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SAMPLE EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT FOR OPTOMETRIST OR PROFESSIONAL STAFF This information is provided for the general guidance of members. It is not intended as a substitute for specific legal, business or industrial advice. The Optometrists Association Australia (NSW Division) accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage arising from or connected with the use of this information by any person. The Association strongly recommends that members obtain their own specific advices prior to acting on any matter in connection with their employment or the employment of another person. SAMPLE EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT FOR OPTOMETRIST OR PROFESSIONAL STAFF [date] [name] [address] Dear [name], I am pleased to offer you the position of employed Optometrist with my firm (the “firm”) on the conditions set out below. [This introduction is only suitable where the employer is a natural person, and needs to be changed if the employer is a partnership or company]. Would you please sign and date the attached copy of this letter and return that signed copy to me to confirm your acceptance. Commencement I confirm that the proposal is for you to start on [date of commencement]. Probation Period The position is offered on the basis that you are on probation for the initial period of [insert number – no more than 6 months] months and the firm reserves the right to terminate the arrangement without advance notice during that period if the firm feels that the arrangements are not working out. Remuneration The remuneration package offered is $[insert amount] gross (inclusive of superannuation contributions made on your behalf) per annum, with that part which is payable as salary to be paid fortnightly in arrears. The firm is happy to consider any request from you to repackage that amount to best suit your circumstances (e.g. by reimbursement of certain expenses such as loan repayments), subject to compliance with the provisions of the tax legislation. If any repackaging results in fringe benefits or other taxes or costs to the firm, then those amounts would have to be costed into the arrangement. © Copyright All Rights Reserved page 2 OAANSW 04/06 SAMPLE EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT FOR OPTOMETRIST OR PROFESSIONAL STAFF Your salary is a gross figure which includes the amount the firm will pay to avoid being liable in relation to the Commonwealth Superannuation Guarantee Levy, as well as deductions for PAYE Income Tax Scheme and any other applicable statutory charges or deductions. Salary Payments to Bank Account The firm reserves the right to pay your salary directly into a bank account on your behalf. If required, you must provide details of an appropriate bank account to which the firm may make such payments. Duties [Insert detailed description of all duties which will be required for your specific situation. Some sample general wording is included below in italics.] You will be required to perform as an optometrist and also to provide some dispensing services, as directed and required by the firm from time to time. In addition you must carry out all professional, managerial or administrative duties as are reasonably required in connection with your other activities or otherwise required by the firm including organising Medicare forms, credit card forms, invoices, billings and collections. That is a description of the job and the requirements of the position, as they are at present. The firm periodically examines job descriptions and updates them to ensure that they relate to the job as then being performed or to incorporate whatever changes are being proposed. This procedure involves consultation with you and you are expected to participate fully in such discussions. The firm aims to reach agreement to changes, but if agreement is not possible, the firm reserves the right to insist on changes to your job title, reporting arrangements and, within reasonable bounds, changes in the other relationships relevant to the job and in duties, accountabilities, key result areas and specific responsibilities. Apart from the specific matters noted in that attachment, you are required to apply yourself to the position in a professional and responsible fashion at all times and to attend to all associated administrative responsibilities that arise from time to time in relation to the position. © Copyright All Rights Reserved page 3 OAANSW 04/06 SAMPLE EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT FOR OPTOMETRIST OR PROFESSIONAL STAFF Paylink You are required to arrange your paylink facility for all Medicare cheques generated in your name to be directed to [insert provider name] provider no. [insert provider number(s)]. Basis of Employment This job offer is based on the qualifications and job competencies which you have outlined and the references which you have produced. You must continue to be registered as an optometrist at all times. Reporting The position presently reports t

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