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Polarizingmicrosc.opes of the new generation J ENALAB pOI U of JENA MICROSCOPES for education and monocular model routine for transmitted and incident light Universally applicable polarizing - microscopes - particularly recommended for tough classroom use and routine investigations in research and industrial laboratories of geosciences and materials sciences JENALAB-po!·(1 PolariZing MlCroscop(l. JENALAB-pol-u Polarizing MICroscope. monocular model monocular model Novel concept Intermediate polarizing tubes for JENALAB-pol-d transmitted light Inlinity corrected objectives - the transmitted and incident light with outfits basis of efficient standard outfits and measuring analyzer and fixed or Applications versatile extensibility through rotary compensators arranged in the - in the classical field of geosciences accessories telecentric path of rays as well as for the determination of minerals improved incident light illumination and rocks after KOEHLER - in technical petrography for the determination of minerals and Angular polarizing tubes 15" viewing angle for convenient textures for ergonomic connection of posture of head and body ; Bertrand - in chemical industry, e. g. for monocular or binocular heads, firmly lens with fixed stop for selecting small monitoring of fertilizer production adjusted Bertrand lens crystals in conoscopy and rotary and in pharmaceutical chemistry conoscopy; photomicrography with - in the growth of synthetic crys tals special photo/viewing head for the determination of their optical properties New optics Standard outfits comprising PA 2.5x , - in the field of environmental Achromats (A) and planachromats A 10x, A 50x objectives and GF·P research for phase and quantity (PA) "pol" of the new generation of 10x (18) eyepiece(s) analysis of dust objectives with essentially improved Immersible N.A. 1.25 condenser - in plastography for the examination performance ; user friendly universal "pol" with lowpower lens of thin sections, inj ection moulded condenser Optional objectives : plastics and high-polymeric fibres PA 20x and oil immersion type A HI and films 100 x for covered specimens in - in specialized fields of medicine, transmitted light e. g. in urology for the investigation of urinary calculi Incident light outfit KOEHLER illumination with 25W Coming as standard with outfits "u" halogen lamp and incident light JENALAB-pol-u (= universal, i.e. transmitted and illuminator transmitted/incident light outfits incident light), microscope Outfits "u" containing in addition Additionat applications magnifications of up to 500 x A 50 x objective for uncovered - in the exptoration of mineral specimens deposits for the analysis of Optionaily avaiable GF·PA VI smeltable are minerals 12.5 x /0.33 objective for various - in building materials industry, e. g. immersion agents and oil immersion for the examination of cement objectives PA HI25 x /065 and clinker thin sections GF·PA H150 x/1.0 - in coal petrog raphy for the determination of organic and Accessories Optionally available compensators: inorganic constituents Measuring compensator, crystal

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