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POSTER SESSIONS Exhibition Hall 1B (Scientific Exhibition), Booths A1-A4, B1-B4,- L 1-L4 Wednesday, July 16 Thursday, July 17 Friday, July 18 Wednesday, July 23 co 14.00-15.30 14.00- 15.30 14.00-15.30 14.00-15.30 0 II I A1, 14.00 A 1, 14.00 A 1, 14.00 A1,14.00 M. Cunietti, G. Saibene, H. Yzermann (I): Gerhard Wiirtz (GDR): New Photogram- D. Borel (F): L'exploitation des des M. Schroeder, R. Statter, P. Lohmann, G. A Photogrammetrical Plotter Designed metric Camera Lenses from JENA donnees LANDSAT au CNES controle Konecny ( F RG): Resolution Estimations and Built for Didactical Purposes Qualite produits elabore for High Altitude Photographs by Means A2, 14 .10 A2, 14.10 A2, 14.10 of a Black/White Bar-testpattern A .B. lljin, V.G. Afremov (SU): Aerial A Adamec, G. Ellis (AUS): "Do-it-your Cameras of TES Type Used for Topo- 0 . Hofmann, M. Hofmann, D. Mei~ner A2, 14.10 self" Upgrading of the Cambridge Com- graphic Surveying (F RG): E in modulares, optoelektroni- I.M. El Hassan (Saudi Arabia) : Geo- parator sches multispektrales Satellitenbildauf- metric Analysis of Reconnaissance Frame A3, 14.20 nahmesystem von MBB A3, 14.20 H.K. Meier (FRG) : Ober den gegen- Photographie P. Winkler (H) : Equipment Photogram- wartigen Stand aerophotogrammetrischer A3, 14.20 A3, 14.20 metric Data Processing Aufnahmesysteme R. Lorenz (NL) : The lTC Survey Flight M.M. Datta (IND) : Photogrammetric Simulator Education and Course Curriculae in A4, 14.30 A4, 14.30 P. Ziircher (CH): Das graphische Periphe- A4, 14.30 Developing Countries M. Albota (R) : Aspects Regarding Aero- riegerat KERN GP1 spatial Remote Sensing Recording Cali- J.C . Trinder (AUS): Aerial Film Granu- A4, 14.30 brations larity and lts Influence on Visual G. Weill, M. Courtois (F): Conception du B1' 14.40 Performance Systeme SPOT H. Starosczik (GDR): Topocart D and B 1, 14.40 Technocart D A. Zickler (GDR): MKF-6 Multispectral B2, 14.50 Camera from JENA II II K. Jeyapalan (USA): Stereoscopic Digi- F4, 14.50 B4, 14.00 B1, 14.00 tizing Plotting and Interpreting System G. Otrio (F): L'instrument a haute Mr. Thonus, Ch. Vigneron (F): Le V.D. Derviz, G.A . Zotov, V.V. Eremeev, resolution visible (H RV) du systeme TRASTE R - un centre carthographique V.K. Zlobin (SU) : The System of Digital B3, 15.00 W. Berner (CH): Ensatz von Applika- SPOT: un capteur adapte a Ia carto- autonome Image Processing: A Tool for Integrated tionssoftware und Peripherie-Geraten im graphie spatiale . C1,14 .10 Automation of Map Production System KERN DSR1-GP1 A. Grimm, F.J. Heimes (FRG): The B2, 14.10

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