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® ETABS Integrated Building Design Software Concrete Frame Design Manual Computers and Structures, Inc. Version 8 Berkeley, California, USA January 2002 Copyright The computer program ETABS and all associated documentation are proprietary and copyrighted products. Worldwide rights of ownership rest with Computers and Structures, Inc. Unlicensed use of the program or reproduction of the documentation in any form, without prior written authorization from Computers and Structures, Inc., is explicitly prohibited. Further information and copies of this documentation may be obtained from: Computers and Structures, Inc. 1995 University Avenue Berkeley, California 94704 USA Phone: (510) 845-2177 FAX: (510) 845-4096 e-mail: info@csiberkeley.com (for general questions) e-mail: support@csiberkeley.com (for technical support questions) web: www.csiberkeley.com  Copyright Computers and Structures, Inc., 1978-2002. The CSI Logo is a trademark of Computers and Structures, Inc. ETABS is a trademark of Computers and Structures, Inc. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Adobe and Acrobat are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated DISCLAIMER CONSIDERABLE TIME, EFFORT AND EXPENSE HAVE GONE INTO THE DEVELOPMENT AND DOCUMENTATION OF ETABS. THE PROGRAM HAS BEEN THOROUGHLY TESTED AND USED. IN USING THE PROGRAM, HOWEVER, THE USER ACCEPTS AND UNDERSTANDS THAT NO WARRANTY IS EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED BY THE DEVELOPERS OR THE DISTRIBUTORS ON THE ACCURACY OR THE RELIABILITY OF THE PROGRAM. THIS PROGRAM IS A VERY PRACTICAL TOOL FOR THE DESIGN/CHECK OF CONCRETE STRUCTURES. HOWEVER, THE USER MUST THOROUGHLY READ THE MANUAL AND CLEARLY RECOGNIZE THE ASPECTS OF CONCRETE DESIGN THAT THE PROGRAM ALGORITHMS DO NOT ADDRESS. THE USER MUST EXPLICITLY UNDERSTAND THE ASSUMPTIONS OF THE PROGRAM AND MUST INDEPENDENTLY VERIFY THE RESULTS. ©COMPUTERS AND STRUCTURES, INC., BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA DECEMBER 2001 CONCRETE FRAME DESIGN Contents General Concrete Frame Design Information 1 General Design Information Design Codes 1-1 Units 1-1 Overwriting the Frame Design Procedure for a Con- 1-1 crete Frame Design Load Combinations 1-2 Design of Beams 1-2 Design of Columns 1-3 Beam/Column Flexural Capacity Ratios 1-4 Second Order P-Delta Effects 1-4 Element Unsupported Lengths 1-6 Analysis Sections and Design Sections 1-7 2 Concrete Frame Design Process Concrete Frame Design Procedure 2-1 3 Interactive Concrete Frame Design General 3-1 Concrete Design Information Form 3-1 4 Output Data Plotted Directly on the Model Overview 4-1 Using the Print Design Tables Form 4-1 Design Input 4-2 Design Output 4-2 i Concrete Frame Design Manual Concrete Frame Design Specific to UBC97 5 General and Notation Introduction to the UBC 97 Series of Technical Notes 5-1 Notation 5-2 6 Preferences General 6-1 Using the Preferences Form 6-1 Preferences 6-2 7 Overwrites General 7-1

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