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Reiki Ajari Yuga - an Esoteric Empowerment- Deepening Meditation by James Deacon NOT FOR SALE Copies of this E-Book may be distributed WITHOUT CHARGE to anyone you wish. It may also be distributed WITHOUT CHARGE in printed form - providing it is done so in its entirety (including end-pages). Permission is NOT given to add to, subtract from, or otherwise modify this document in any way, shape or form. [See foot of document for further details re: Use of Materials from this E-book] THANK YOU [Version 1.00] Copyright © 2002 James Deacon http://www.aetw.org REIKI AJARI YUGA An Esoteric Empowerment-Deepening Meditation by James Deacon [Copyright © 2002 James Deacon] The Reiki Ajari-Yuga meditation is based on the practices of Guru Yoga and Kaji as found within the esoteric traditions of Tibetan & Japanese Buddhism Seated comfortably in a suitable meditation posture, begin by becoming aware of a formless stream of air at the tip of your nose (this has been referred to as "feeling the air in a mysterious way"). Let thoughts and feelings arise and pass away, without evaluation. After some moments, focus your thoughts: Recognise the impermanence of composite forms - that all things are continually in a state of change and transformation... Recognise the wisdom which holds: "With your thoughts, words & actions you shape your world" - that your present state is essentially the result of past thoughts, words and actions; and right now you are sowing the seeds for your future... Recognise the precious opportunity you have now - that you can benefit countless beings through the discipline and practice of Reiki... Finally, recognise that you only possess the ability to benefit others with Reiki because you have received Initiation-Attunement from one already possessing this gift. Acknowledge your Reiki Lineage back to Usui Sensei, truly understanding and appreciating the debt of gratitude you owe to him: that were it not for Usui Sensei - were it not for his dedication, his tireless efforts, diligent study and practice of spiritual disciplines, there would be no Reiki for you to share with others... Reiki is a blessing, an instantaneously conferred Sacred Potential - for Healing, Protection and Spiritual Development. In Reiki, Usui-Sensei has provided you with a means by which you can realise the immediate unfoldment of a level of ability that would otherwise have possibly taken you many years of conscious effort to reach. With this in mind, bring your attention to focus on the Reiki Principles ( - whichever translation, whether literal or poetic, you are most comfortable with, e.g.) _________________________________ James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g 2 "Just for today ... Do not rise to anger Do not succumb to worry Express Gratitude for all your blessings Apply yourself diligently Manifest compassion to all beings" Do not simply recall the words - rather, immerse yourself in the experience of their deep implications... After a few moments: Visualise an ocean with a placid, mirror-like surface. Above it, the sky is clear and cloudless. Rising above the horizon, like a full moon disk, you perceive a great luminous sphere - a transparent bubble of light. Inside this great transparent bubble, the familiar Reiki kanji appears, actively radiating a pure bright light. The Reiki kanji inside the bubble begins to spin, gathering momentum - faster and faster, dissolving in a blur of motion as the radiance of the light becomes stronger, brighter - expanding outwards - filling your entire field of vision. Gradually, the intensity of this pure light decreases and out of its midst condenses the golden, luminous, transparent form of Usui Sensei, a radiant field of golden light-energy. Sitting on a lotus-seat, in meditation posture, he is surrounded by light. Usui Sensei appears in your minds-eye as being dignified and tranquil. His face is golden and filled with compassion. He sees you, knows you and wishes you everything good. Here in this moment Usui Sensei unites space, time and mind and is the very embodiment - the absolute personification - of the radiant, energetic, spiritual sentience that is Reiki. His essence is here with you whether a clear image is perceived or not. In (comm)union with Usui Sensei, you enter into a purer, more sublime level of (comm)union with Reiki than may otherwise

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