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UNDERSTANDING Lucianne Bailey, Katerina Vardulaki, PUBLIC HEALTH Julia Langham & Daniel Chandramohan UNDERSTANDING PUBLIC HEALTH SERIES EDITORS: NICK BLACK & ROSALIND RAINE Introduction to Epidemiology There is an increasing global awareness of the Epidemiology, one of the key disciplines in inevitable limits of Introduction to Epidemiology Introduction to public health, is concerned with describing the individual health care and patterns of diseases, identifying their causes of the need to complement and evaluating the effectiveness of health care such services with effective and public health interventions. Such public health strategies. Epidemiology information helps to promote health and treat Understanding Public Health disease. This book introduces the key elements is an innovative series of of epidemiological methods. twenty books, published by The book examines: Open University Press in ◗ Concepts and applications of collaboration with the epidemiology London School of Hygiene ◗ Population measures of health and & Tropical Medicine. disease It provides self-directed ◗ Descriptive and analytical study designs learning covering the major ◗ Intervention studies issues in public health ◗ Risk assessment and preventive affecting low, middle and strategies high income countries. Julia Langham & Daniel Chandramohan ◗ Surveillance and screening Lucianne Bailey, Katerina Vardulaki, The series is aimed at those studying public health, Lucianne Bailey was a distance learning tutor, either by distance learning Julia Langham is Research Fellow in or more traditional Epidemiology, and Daniel Chandramohan is methods, as well as public Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology at the London health practitioners and School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. policy makers. Katerina Vardulaki is a development manager at the Healthcare Commission. Cover design Hybert Design • www.hybertdesign.com www.openup.co.uk UNDERSTANDING PUBLIC HEALTH Introduction to Epidemiology Understanding Public Health Series editors: Nick Black and Rosalind Raine, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Throughout the world, recognition of the importance of public health to sustainable, safe and healthy societies is growing. The achievements of public health in nineteenth-century Europe were for much of the twentieth century overshadowed by advances in personal care, in particular in hospital care. Now, with the dawning of a new century, there is increasing understanding of the inevitable limits of individual health care and of the need to complement such services with effective public health strategies. Major improvements in people’s health will come from controlling com- municable diseases, eradicating environmental hazards, improving people’s diets and enhancing the availability and quality of effective health care. To achieve this, every country needs a cadre of know- ledgeable public health practitioners with social, political and organizational skills to lead and bring about changes at international, national and local levels. This is one of a series of 20 books that provides a foundation for those wishing to join in and contribute to the twenty-first-century regeneration of public health, helping to put the concerns and perspectives of public health at the heart of policy-making and service

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