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49th annual report S*d accoun ' 1 eIV,'p III' = Allen reports on o p t Ihr Ca . I with its first-ever cash rut - an. ! 1 anrtiltg to ~ntknjd ►vi I' achicm!i6enTs i n ti] allocated grants u t ztns, and (t here their tota l front . ttnh~ is who atu•nci art% is to .W, U4'cl'1ng, fro m 'rnlcnl:s in ; }7ort the vc,lr' s It~:CS' entti . Ill, Alt,( anhd, ;L,, , Itntain x a, L Ir 11"i u l :1n4u,t 1946 rl 1 iU l z l 1 n l R in hcacctimc Ilic tt, .1 6 l,Cgull tt 1711 g . IN CrI1111, lf l Stlpp, lrr is ITIc ( .1 ImI, 1 ', L the t' Ili l,yga trlt'111 „ t Mu,Ic anti lltc Art, I' ll , Ans C , YIIIICII t 14, 4I3Ii , un11c•r .1 rc%i%t:t1 Rm A ( barter gr.mtcd In I`1 C in ullkh ire object, are SI .ItC,I as. 1 a 1 n+ tlrrclor(, .1111 Improw thr kn,mlc-11trc . 1311dcnras1111ng an d pracucc of ilic Arts. Ib I to tncrc .tu th e aut .Sstl,rhn of tltc art ., t, . 71c public ilmmjgll„+ u GrcaF Britain _ I t : , n, adl I,c• And o , operate ulrh .Icl,.trtmcri , oI r1FCrmncm, In2.1 1 atlt umlic, end olhc t k,dics The Arts (tnund, a• a puhlnh accAnnrtat+lc 1,,,Jt . pJ1,11,11c, .111 all11tla l rcp, .11 grid a-- nlt, n , +Wkslk PAIIl,1311011 X111 III,' t;c lwrll I,'.Ihlt, Il I711 a' 1 ,llcrl i[i\ It Ilii 1C .]r + 1, t,rt Chairman's introduction I have long admircd the work (i f since our f6tindation in 1940 - the Arts Council . Since Foh n coincided with the cllccts of the Maynard Keynes established it i n recession on constuticrs and a 1946 it has not only acted as th e dccrease in both local authorii N conduit filr state support of th e bending and btnsincsS sponsorship . arts . It has sometimes coaxed o r Given economic ditlielillies anti driven arts organisations into difficult political choices, the las t realising their potential ; an d nvo sources held up rc[narkab l sometimes responded -with spee d well, But I cannot hide that a t and prescience to cultural change s present the Arts Council i s wrought by the organisations engaged not in nurturing the art s thciltselves . It is a focus fo r (subsidy is, aticr all, only the criticism, and this can be deser v ed . infant feed of,ui active and hugcl + But if we did not have it we would successfid national industry bil l have to invent sonic comparable in staffing, an increasingl y body to take its place . The arin's- crti+vdcd casua11V ward . I an a length principle, which th e beginning to ti cI like an under- Onvir uncm has reaffirnied, does study tin- Donald Skit licriand' s not exist to thwart elected repre- Ha+vkcye part in M .A .S.H. sentatives . It serv es them and th e ['here is a pervasive vier- i n arts, and saves them and the arts . government circles (not, in m y 1 -was therefore proud and experience, restricted to on e grateful to be given th e political party) that while art s Opportunity to serve the arts , s[thaidV may he small it is wholl y together with my colleagues o n open entled : Oliver Twist alway s the Council, our officers i n asks fix mo re . There is sonic trot h London and our tollcagucs and in this . The +rr- success of th e otli .crs among the Regional Art s arts in Britain, not Ieast becaus e Boards . The Arts Council o f of the Arts Council, has led to a

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