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The Interlopers by Saki Imagine you are in a dark forest on a winter night, hunting an enemy_who just happens to be your neighbor. Now suppose that your neighbor is hunting you, too. What makes people who should be friends become fierce enemies? Who is the loser in this story’s deadly fight? The answer may shock you. LITERARY FOCUS: OMNISCIENT NARRATOR A story’s omniscient narrator knows everything that happens, and why. This type of narrator is not a character in the story but an outside observer who can tell you what each character is thinking and feeling. • As you read “The Interlopers,” pay special attention to the information the narrator gives you about the two characters’ pasts. • The narrator of “The Interlopers” makes us think that events are leading one way_up until the story’s very end. Prepare to be surprised. READING SKILLS: MONITORING YOUR READING Some of the words and sentences in “The Interlopers” may seem difficult. The following tips will help you understand this classic story. • Look for context clues that can help you figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words. • Break down long sentences into shorter ones. Copyright © by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. All rights reserved. • Look for the subject and verb in confusing sentences. • Stop to summarize important passages or scenes. • Re-read tough passages. Some passages are hard to understand the first time. • Try to visualize, or picture, the events that are happening. Literary Skills Recognize an omniscient narrator (or point of view). Reading Skills Monitor your reading. Vocabulary Skills Understand and use context clues. 80 Part 1 Collection 3: Narrator and Voice PREVIEW SELECTION VOCABULARY Preview the following words from “The Interlopers.” Study the words before you begin the story. precipitous (pr≤·sip√¥·t¥s) adj.: very steep. retorted (ri·tôr√tid) v.: replied in a sharp or witty way. The wooded slope was precipitous—a vertical cliff—and hard to climb. Feeling insulted, he retorted angrily. acquiesced (ak≈w≤·est√) v. (used with in): accept- condolences (k¥n·d£√l¥ns·iz) n.: expressions of ed; agreed; consented. sympathy. They never acquiesced in the judgment of the When he heard about his enemy’s death, he sent court; instead, they bitterly opposed it. condolences to the widow. marauders (m¥·rôd√·¥rz) n.: people who roam languor (la«√g¥r) n.: weakness; weariness. around in search of loot, or goods to steal. After hours of hard work, he felt a great The man kept a sharp lookout for marauders languor, and this exhaustion lasted all day. who might be prowling through the woods. reconciliation (rek≈¥n·sil≈≤·†√

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