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Dr. Dan Purser, MD Answers Frequently Asked Questions about Progessence Plus Fall 2013   1   In my professional opinion: Progessence Plus Is Progessence Plus® safe to take? Yes. It’s just that simple. It contains a tiny amount of a biologically identical (to humans) hormone called progesterone that is not only safe, but incredibly beneficial to women. Natural progesterone has no long-term problems associated with it – even at high doses. Are natural hormones safe to take? Yes, they are very safe to take (unless you have Factor V Leiden or breast cancer). Studies have shown that synthetic hormones may have health risks that may exceed the benefits of HRT. A woman's body has trouble assimilating synthetic hormones effectively and the side effects that result are often much worse than the original problems being treated. Why is there a statement about causing cancer on the package? This is an outdated statement that is required by law in California. Proposition 65 is placed on anything brought into the state of California that contains hormones. Unfortunately, the law does not differentiate between synthetic and natural hormones (they also do not slap it onto Vitamin D3 which is also a hormone – like I said a bad law, very outdated). Young Living has a Progessence® cream, which also carries the required Prop 65 statement on the tube. This is because synthetic medroxyprogesterone acetate (which is found in so many products made for women) along with the synthetics in the various birth control pills, have all been shown to cause   2   cancer. Research has proven that natural human progesterone does not. Here is Young Living’s official statement about the Warning on the label: ―There is no cancer causing agents in Progessence Plus®. This statement is due to an outdated California law that actually refers to the cancer known to be caused by the synthetic medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA as in the drug Provera®) that has been shown in a number of studies to cause breast cancer. But MPA is not the human P4 or bio- identical progesterone made from natural yam products that we used in Progessence Plus® – the generic chemical names are just similar. But the law is poorly written and mistakenly refers to any hormone as cancer causing when no naturally occurring human hormone has been associated with any cancer ever (not even estradiol – CEE has but no human 17-beta- estradiol). Human progesterone (even the compounded version like in Progessence Plus®) actually reduces breast and ovarian cancer risk (and reduces a lot of other risks such as CAD, stroke, DVT, etc). This can all be verified by searching on PubMed. If you live in California please lobby for the change of this law. Thank you for the great question. Does this mean I won’t get cancer now that I’m using Progessence Plus®? No, it can and in some cases, will still happen. We just hope it reduces your risk. But California government still requires the Prop 65 statement on the bottle. Let me be clear – Progessence Plus® and progesterone will not cure you of cancer, nor do I want to give you any idea that it will. Medically & legally, I am ethically bound to say that if you indeed have cancer please follow the instructions of your allopathic (western) physicians (or physicians of your choosing) and have the proper   3   surgeries or therapies. If necessary I would encourage you to visit with Dr. Young at his clinic in Ecuador. I have found that faith can also do marvelous things and I pray for those of you whose lives have been affected by cancer. I take birth control pills (or shots) and wonder why I can’t take the Progessence Plus®? If or when you develop blood clots or breast cancer from the synthetics we don’t want Progessence Plus® to be associated in any way or on the radar screen of possible causes when your attorney is looking for culprits. Natural progesterone does not cause clots or breast cancer, period. Research has proven that synthetics are cancer causing and if you are using synthetics, it would be too easy for doctors to point the blame at the natural product. The safe and 100% natural human progesterone reduces your risks of clots, strokes, heart attacks and cools your arteries besides. I’ve had breast cancer and my doctor says not to take any hormones – why? Because synthetic hormones have been associated with breast cancer and as all hormones can sometimes be lumped into the same category, this opinion of staying away from hormones has tainted natural hormones as well (There is no data that supports the connection between synthetic and natural hormones). This is the like the Proposition 65 Statement law required in California where they combine all of the hormones in one category, then they make a broad sweeping and inaccurate statement about them. They are not even remotely simi

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