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Natural Gas Furnace Residential Rebate Program rated 97% AFUE or higher Qualifying Products List Vectren' s Conversation Connection has developed a list of known products that meet the program requirements. Many manufacturers make several models under the same series that qualify. Several of these series have been identified below to capture all the products within a group to make the list brief and easy to search. The easiest way to navigate the list is to use the find box on the Adobe viewer and type the manufacturer or brand name into the search. This will bring you to the list of qualifying products. If the product that you are interested in is not on the list or your having trouble locating your product, please feel free to call the Vectren Conservation Connection at 1-866-240-8476. Brand Model Name AFUE AABEL KG7MQ 060*-VB 97 AABEL KG7MQ 080*-VC 97.2 AABEL KG7MQ 100*-VC 97.4 AABEL KG7MQ 120*-VD 97 AC PRO KG7MQ 060*-VB 97 AC PRO KG7MQ 080*-VC 97.2 AC PRO KG7MQ 100*-VC 97.4 AC PRO KG7MQ 120*-VD 97 ADVANCE COMFORT SYSTEM A97DSMV070B12S 97 ADVANCE COMFORT SYSTEM A97DSMV090C16S 97 ADVANCE COMFORT SYSTEM A97DSMV090C20S 97 ADVANCE COMFORT SYSTEM A97DSMV110C20S 97 ADVANCE COMFORT SYSTEM A97USMV070B12S 97 ADVANCE COMFORT SYSTEM A97USMV090C12S 97 ADVANCE COMFORT SYSTEM A97USMV090C16S 97 ADVANCE COMFORT SYSTEM A97USMV090C20S 97 ADVANCE COMFORT SYSTEM A97USMV110C20S 97 ADVANCE COMFORT SYSTEM A97USMV135D20S 97 AIR-EASE A97DSMV070B12S 97 AIR-EASE A97DSMV090C16S 97 AIR-EASE A97DSMV090C20S 97 AIR-EASE A97DSMV110C20S 97 AIR-EASE A97USMV070B12S 97 AIR-EASE A97USMV090C12S 97 AIR-EASE A97USMV090C16S 97 AIR-EASE A97USMV090C20S 97 AIR-EASE A97USMV110C20S 97 AIR-EASE A97USMV135D20S 97 AIRQUEST G9MAC0601714A 97 AIRQUEST G9MAC0602120A 98 AIRQUEST G9MAC0801714A 97 AIRQUEST G9MAC0802120A 97 AIRQUEST G9MAC1002120A 97 AIRQUEST G9MAC1002122A 97 AIRQUEST G9MAC1202422A 97 AIRQUEST G9MAE0601714A 97 AIRQUEST G9MAE0602120A 98 AIRQUEST

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