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Holy Fire II Class Outlines Holy Fire II Reiki I Training Suggested class time: 9 a.m.–6:30 p.m. 1. Registration and sign in (required for CE providers). 2. Smudging or energy clearing. Have students raise hands and place positive energy all over the room and then get hugs from everyone. 3. Introductions – name, where you are from, why you decided to take this class, and something you like about yourself. 4. Ocean of Holy Love Experience. Have students write experiences and share. 5. Reiki Talk – what is Rei-ki, the different levels, how the Placement process works. How does Reiki work? (use information from the manual). What can it be used for? (Use examples and Reiki stories to explain these topics). History-Usui-Hayashi-Takata-22 masters, include info on the Gakkai and the discovery of the JRT techniques and a brief history of the Holy Fire. 6. Explain and review the Reiki Ideals. 7. Lunch (one hour). 8. Return and regroup – circle shoulder massages and hugs. 9. Explain Gassho meditation (page 54, Reiki The Healing Touch). 10. Briefly explain the 3 heavens and talk about the Placement and how it works. 11. Reiki I Placement. 12. Have students write about the Placement and experiences then share. 13. Break (10 minutes). 14. Practice Reiki (three or four to a group) – make sure all feel Reiki or that the client does. Share after. 15. Byosen Scanning (page 55, Reiki The Healing Touch) – pick a partner, scan, then switch. Explain Reiji-ho (page 54, Reiki The Healing Touch) and that it is more advanced as one uses intuition directly rather than the hand. 16. Explain and practice the standard session for treating others, all hand positions (pick a partner and switch). 17. Explain and demo Kenyoku (page 59, Reiki The Healing Touch). Have students use it at end of session. 18. Explain Hayashi Healing Guide and how to use it. 19. Explain client release forms and charging money or barter. 20. Go over the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. 21. Break (10 to 15 minutes). 22. Explain self-session – Byosen self-scan (page 58, Reiki The Healing Touch) and practice self-session hand positions. 23. *lf students are continuing the next day: Reiki II Symbols – Show for memorization only, sacred, keep them secret, explain test. Distribute handout. (Use last 1/2 hour of class for this part.) If students are taking Reiki II, it’s a good idea to give each a copy of the Reiki II symbols when they sign up so they have time to memorize them. 24. Closing meditation or prayer. Copyright © International Center for Reiki Training Holy Fire II Reiki II Training Suggested class time: 9 a.m.–6:30 p.m. 1. Sign in (required for CE providers) – Smudging or Energy Clearing. Place Reiki all over the room and then get hugs from everyone. Do introductions if this class is taught separately from Reiki I – name, where you are from, why you decided to take this class and something you like about yourself. 2. Holy Love Experience. Have students write experiences in notebooks and share. 3. Talk on Reiki II symbols – deeper, complete meaning, how to use them including the many ways to use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen for distant and past/future healing. Explain why they need to be kept private as described on pages 50-51 of the Holy Fire II ART/Master manual. 4. Lunch (one hour). Students can use some of their lunchtime to memorize the symbols. 5. Test on symbols – use form on page 129. If there are errors, gently point them out and ask student to correct them. Use hints if necessary or have the person use her notes. Coach so that everyone passes. 6. Circle massage and hugs. 7. Explain Placement. Conduct Reiki II Placement. 8. Have students write Placement experiences in notebook – sharing. 9. Break (10 minutes). 10. Break up into groups of 3–4 to practice. Start with them doing straight Reiki without any symbols. Then have them add the Choku Rei and after five min. or so, share what this felt like. Do the same with the Sei heki so they get an experience of what the symbols do in class. 11. Explain how to do a complete session using all the symbols. 12. Practice Gyoshi-ho (page 60, Reiki The Healing Touch) – choose partners and switch. This can be done with the students sitting in two rows of chairs facing each other. Also explain that this can be done in regular session. (Note that this replaces Beaming.) 13. Enkaku chiryo (page 60, Reiki The Healing Touch) with group. Ask for requests from students. Write the names of those you are sending Reiki to on a piece of paper and place in the middle of the circle or use a photo of the person if it is available. Send to create harmony among all people on the planet,

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