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ISITC Classification Code List Presented by the Reference Data Working Group Version 2.8 Publication Date: May, 2014 Author(s): ISITC Reference Data Working Group DISCLAIMER This market practice document has been developed by the International Securities Association for Institutional Trade Communication (ISITC) as a statement of professional practices recommended by ISITC. Institutions providing the information recommended in this document will benefit from the efficiencies inherent in a more automated transaction process. Although all institutions are encouraged to act consistently with this document, none are required to do so, and a failure to do so is not, in and of itself, evidence of negligent or inappropriate conduct. Document History Version # Change Date Originator Description of Change 1.1 2008 Reference Data WG Initial Draft 1.2 09/19/2008 Reference Data WG Revised following September conference 1.3 06/18/2009 E. Choinski Changed format, removed OTC products until finalized, removed PSET reference. Amended the Reconciliation usage to differentiate between Accounting and 1.4 08/04/2009 E. Choinski Custody. 1.5 09/18/2009 E. Choinski Added CASH per Payments working group Updates per conference call. Refer to ISITC RDWG Classification code Action List 1.6 10/30/2009 E. Choinski from 10/30/2009. ‰ Updated code MUNI to align with US MP document, there was a typo stating it was a GOVT and it is a CORP 1.7 02/04/2010 E.Choinski ‰ Updated RP, RVRP, and TRP and RTRP to clarify the asterisks ‰ Added Superscripts Added code TRPS for trust preferred stocks to section 4.3 as agreed upon by 1.8 07/22/2010 E. Choinski Settlements and Reconciliation working groups. ‰ Added cash purpose code words to support cash movements related to the initial set-up, maintenance and closing of bank loans. ‰ Replaced cash purpose code word BKPD with BKPP ‰ Added cash purpose code words NETT and VATX Settlement WG ‰ Deleted duplicative cash code words for trailer fees: TFOF, TFUS 1.9 02/07/2011 Payments WG ‰ Deleted duplicative cash code words for securities lending: CMBO, CMCO, Securities Lending WG EQBO, EQCO, CREB ‰ Deleted other cash code words no longer used or relevant: CORT, FNET, SECU, TAXS, TBAN, TRAD, TREA ‰ Streamlined table formatting ‰ Added a new CCPM cash purpose codeword per business case finalized by 2.0 10/04/2011 Payments WG Derivatives WG for CCCP netting of initial and variation Margin ‰ Updated definition of CCPM and added codeword/definition for CCPC. Derivatives and Settlements Business case finalized in Q1, 2012 agreeing to these new definitions. 2.1 10/04/2012 WG ‰ Removed footnote under Section 4.4 Structured Products around Tri Party repo MP not being finalized. This MP was finalized last year. ‰ Added the following codewords to the Payments Cash Purpose Codes 2.2 02/06/2013 Settlements WG section: RRBN, TMPG, TBBC, and TBCC ‰ Added the following codewords to t

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