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4K ACTION CAMERA USER MANUAL INSTRUCTIONS PREFACE Thank you for purchasing the mini action DV high resolution camera. This well-designed product is very easy to carry and can help you record all of the exciting moments; whenever or wherever they occur. This manual will explain how to use your camera as well as provide you with more detailed information concerning operations, installation, precautions, and technical specifications. Please read and retain it to get the most out of your purchase. We hope you enjoy your new camera and look forward to serving all of your action radiography needs in the future. PRODUCT PICTURE Install and remove the memory card: 1. For optimal performance, use micro SD cards with the speed rating of Class 10 or higher. Lower performance cards may limit the use of some features. 2. Please ensure that the memory card is inserted as shown on the diagram. Insert and press the card into this slot until it is fully seated. 3. To remove the memory card, press gently. When the card pops up, carefully pull the card until it is free of camera body. 4. The display screen will show a “no card” sign if a card is not present or it is incompatible with this camera. WARNING: 1. Please ensure that the memory card is inserted with the correct orientation. Failure to do so may result in damage to the camera or card. 2. Once the card is inserted, the camera will detect and initialize for immediate use. 3. Be sure to backup all files stored on the card. “Shenzhen Gkuvision technology Company” is not responsible for any damage or loss. PRODUCT FEATURES: > The Mini Action DV, can be used any occasions to take photos or shoot high-definition video on demand > HDMI high-definition video output > 2 in. high-definition LCD screen > High-definition camera with wide Angle > Video specifications: h. 264 (MOV) > Built-in microphone > Support for high capacity memory card > Capable of waterproof operation (IP68) with approved waterproof shell > Built-in Wi-Fi MEMORY CARD CAPACITY AND THE VIDEO RECORDING TIME (FOR REFERENCE) TF card (4K)15F (1440P)30F (1080P)60F (720P)120F 64G 192min 440min 480min 640min 32G 96min 220min 240min 320min 16G 48min 110min 120min 160min 8G 24min 55min 70min 80min Note: Maximum video length and photo capacity may vary due to memory card, camera settings, and filming conditions. CAMERA FEATURES: 1. Wide-angle lens 2. Microphones 3. USB Port 4. TF booth 5. High-definition display 6. Battery Port 7. "POWER" Button 8. "< -" Down Button 9. "+ >"Up Button 10. "OK" Button 11. Indicator light 12. Speaker BUTTON FUNCTION: POWER Button: to start up/shut down/ switch mode OK Button: to confirm + > Up Button: Open the menu screen. Once menu is open, used to scroll up. < - Down Button: Turn WIFI on or off. On menu screen, use to scroll down. CHARGING BATTERY: This camera uses a removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. Please charge battery pack before first use. After the initial charge, the camera may be recharged as follows: 1) Connect the mini DV to a computer with the included USB cable 2) Connect the included USB cable to the charger connection, then insert the charger into a USB socket. Note: The Red indicator LED will turn on while the battery is charging and will turn off once battery is fully charged. 1. When the battery is low, the mini action DV will turn off automatically. Recharge battery before further use. 2. When the battery charge is low, turn off wi-fi to increase performance and run-time, recharge the current battery, or replace depleted battery with a fully charged battery to continue use. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Turn on the camera by pressing and holding the “POWER” button for a few seconds; 2. After turning on, the system will default to video camera mode, press the "OK" button to start the video. If the video is finished, then press "OK" button to stop recording., and it will save the file automatically; 3. Turn on the mini action DV by the pressing and holding the POWER button for a few seconds; 4. Turn the WIFI on by

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