• Document: Modular Multilevel Converters for HVDC power stations
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Modular Multilevel Converters for HVDC power stations Nicola Serbia To cite this version: Nicola Serbia. Modular Multilevel Converters for HVDC power stations. Engineering Sciences [physics]. Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse - INPT, 2014. English. <tel-00945375> HAL Id: tel-00945375 https://tel.archives-ouvertes.fr/tel-00945375 Submitted on 12 Feb 2014 HAL is a multi-disciplinary open access L’archive ouverte pluridisciplinaire HAL, est archive for the deposit and dissemination of sci- destinée au dépôt et à la diffusion de documents entific research documents, whether they are pub- scientifiques de niveau recherche, publiés ou non, lished or not. The documents may come from émanant des établissements d’enseignement et de teaching and research institutions in France or recherche français ou étrangers, des laboratoires abroad, or from public or private research centers. publics ou privés. 5)µ4& &OWVFEFMPCUFOUJPOEV %0$503"5%&-6/*7&34*5²%&506-064& %ÏMJWSÏQBS Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (INP Toulouse) Cotutelle internationale avec "Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli" 1SÏTFOUÏFFUTPVUFOVFQBS SERBIA, Nicola le mercredi 29 janvier 2014 5JUSF  Modular Multilevel Converters for HVDC power stations ²DPMF EPDUPSBMF et discipline ou spécialité   ED GEET : Génie Electrique 6OJUÏEFSFDIFSDIF LABORATOIRE PLASMA ET CONVERSION D’ENERGIE (LAPLACE)- UMR5213 %JSFDUFVS T EFʾÒTF M. LADOUX, Philippe M. MARINO, Pompeo Jury : LADOUX, Philippe (Directeur de Thèse) MARINO, Pompeo (Directeur de Thèse) DEL PIZZO, Andrea (Rapporteur) MACHMOUM, Mohamed (Rapporteur) EGROT, Philippe (Examinateur) IMPROTA, Vinvenzo (Examinateur) MODULAR MULTILEVEL CONVERTERS FOR HVDC POWER STATIONS Acknowledgements The Phd thesis is not just an intensive work period of three years. This is an experience of life where I had the opportunity to increase my personal and professional experience. In these three years through the interfacing with persons that assisted me and with which I had the honor to share this period. With them (directly and un-directly), I had the opportunity to grow up my professional knowledge and to improve my personality. Firstly I would like to thanks the members of the jury: Mr. Mohamed MACHMOUM, Professor at the Polytech Nantes and Mr. Andrea DEL PIZZO, Professor at the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, for having read in details this dissertation and for having wrote a very detailed and exhaustive report about the manuscript as examiners of my thesis by contributing to the improvement of the work. Mr. Philippe EGROT, engineer at EDF in the HVDC frame for having accepted to review my thesis and having been part of the jury. Mr. Vincenzo IMPROTA, Engineer at Ansaldobreda SpA for having accepted to review my thesis and having been part of the jury. Then I would like to thanks Mr. Paolo BORDIGNON, executive vice president of Rongxin Power Electronic Co., Ltd for his economic (by means the company) and professional support to the development of the work Then I like to say thank you to my two supervisors. Peoples that I'll never stop thanking. I can consider these two persons the only guys who attended to my professional development and they principally contributed to my professional and recently personal maturation. I know that is very difficult to meet persons like them. These two persons are alphabetically sorted below. Thank you to Mr. Philippe LADOUX, Professor at the Institut National Polytechnique of Toulouse and director of my thesis. Firstly for having accepted me as Ph.D. student and to have believed that for me was possible facing this much hard and tricky subject. Thank for giving me his support and his methods, and for best having supervised my studies. He taught me how the complex world of engineering can become very easy and pleasurable. For me was an honor working with him and I hope that a new working adventure is going to start. Besides the professional aspect I found a person with a great humanity and friendship. It was able to make easy all the difficulties that I had at my arriving in France. Thank you, Philippe his family, because they spent a

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