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AMERICA’S ARMY: THE STRENGTH OF THE NATION LTG Mary Legere, Army G2 AUSA ILW Breakfast 7 November 2013 Globally Responsive… Regionally Aligned… Enabling Decisive Operations AMERICA’S ARMY: THE STRENGTH OF THE NATION Our Discussion Today • Our Army Intelligence Corps Today • Army Intelligence 2020 and Beyond • What We Are Investing In • What We Are Focused On Now • Challenges/Opportunities • How You Can Help AMERICA’S ARMY: THE STRENGTH OF THE NATION Our Imperatives “Our Objective… Preserve this magnificent land force; Ensure we remain in “Sustain the Army as The Most Decisive Land Force in the World, the future what we are today: the greatest land power the world's ever seen." Providing Depth and Versatility to the Joint Force, Agile, Responsive and - Hon. John McHugh Effective for Combatant Commanders,...” - GEN Raymond Odierno, CSA • Adaptive Army Leaders for A Complex World • A Globally Responsive and Regionally Engaged Army • A Ready and Modern Army • The World’s Most Highly Trained and Professional Land Force Army Intelligence 2020 and Beyond • Provide the Best Trained, Multi-Disciplined Intelligence Force to Enable Decisive Action For the Nation’s Current and Emerging Threats • Build the MI Force of the Future with a Versatile Mix of Capabilities to Meet the Current and Future Demands of a Ready, Regionally Engaged and Globally Responsive Army • Keep our Army Intelligence Force in the Fight – Provide the Resources and Direction to Ensure No Cold Starts, No MI Soldier at Rest • Provide Solutions that Allow Our Soldiers on Point to Leverage the Technology, Expertise, and Intelligence in the Intelligence Enterprise IC G-2 INSCOM MIRC NGB ICOE TRADOC J-2/G-2 MI ECB Force ASA ALT AMERICA’S ARMY: THE STRENGTH OF THE NATION Your Army Intelligence Corps Today • 58,000 Strong – 4.5% of the Army • 60% Regionally Aligned, Globally Engaged • Leaders In DoD in Multi-Disciplined Intelligence • 6K Full Spectrum HUMINT Force • 9K SIGINT Force • 2K Counter Intelligence Force • 19K All Source • 4.5K GEOINT Force • DoD’s Medium Alt Aerial ISR Force – Over 500 Mission Weekly • 3.6K Linguists • 1.2K Team Cyber Force – And Growing • Embedded at Every Echelon- Experts from Space to Mud • Leveraging the Power of the IC for Our Soldiers On Point Serving Our Army and Our Nation for 50 Years… AMERICA’S ARMY: THE STRENGTH OF THE NATION Our Intel Corps – On Point Around The Globe Globally Engaged Regionally Aligned Total 58,900 Joint/Defense 4,134 SOF 3,973 • 130+ Countries Theater 2,477 Providing Enabling Solutions to • Supporting Every Theater ACOM / MSC 7,927 Decisive Future Fight INSCOM 17,193 Ops • 58% Multiple Tours ECB 23,196 Supporting Our Combatant, Army, Joint, Coalition Partners Daily AMERICA’S ARMY: Our Challenge… THE STRENGTH OF THE NATION Instability -- Uncertainty -- The New Normal Arctic Territorial Disputes Central Asia

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