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Ethiopian Railways Corporation (ERC) Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit Project Yehualaeshet Jemere (MSc. CEng) Chief Officer, Construction and Project Execution Department July, 2012 OUTLINE OF THE PRESENTATION • WHY RAILWAY? • NATIONAL RAILWAY NETWORK OF ETHIOPIA • GENERAL LRT PROJECT INFORMATION • FEATURES OF LRT PROJECT • LRT PROJECT CURRENT STATUS • CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES WHY RAILWAYS? • Ethiopia covers 1.1 M sq. KEY FOR DEVELOPMENT! km – Vast to cover with only road transport • Economic (Heavy haul with bare minimum cost needed) – For mining – Agriculture – Export-import • Social and political cohesion • Instigates investment • Emergency delivery • Increased land value CoM of FDRE R.NO 141/2007------ERC NATIONAL RAILWAY NETWORK OF ETHIOPIAN • More than 5000 km of rail network  Different multi objective Socio-economic indicators or criteria have been utilized to prioritize for the development of National Railway Network  Two phases for the implementation • Addis Ababa LRT Project The selected ENRN and LRT have been surveyed (500 m band) using the latest technology that found in the world i.e. Airborne Laser Scanning Technology (3D Object Mapping) using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology. Ethiopian national railway network Justification • Alternative means of transport • Heavy haul with bare minimum cost • Combining Road and rail system • Saving in travel Time • Employment generation • Social and political cohesion • Increased land value Ethiopian national railway network and African Connection Dakar, Senegal Connection Djibouti Connection Libreville, Gabon Connection Ethiopian national railway network - Phase 1 7 የአ/አየአ/አ ቀላልቀላልባቡር ባቡር ኘሮጀክት ኘሮጀክት Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit (LRT) Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit (LRT) 8 GENERAL LRT PROJECT INFORMATION  Addis Ababa’s Transport problems are diverse – Aged Fleet, – Chaotic movement of mini-bus taxis – Environmentally unacceptable emission – Unsafe, Hazardous to life and property PEDESTRIANS +PASSENGERS HIGHER ORDER PMTS PMTS SELECTION Criteria PMTS & Kifle Ketemas Legetafo Entoto !( !( • Capacity ± Gulele Shiro Meda !( • Cost Yeka Minelik II Square !( !(Arada Addis Ketema • Impact

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