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Swiss precision Digital Accordion Version 1.8 user manual Accordeon factory J. Gwerder & Son Steinen (Switzerland) your agent: Peter Canziani 30 Herekiekiestreet, Turangi – New Zealand Phone: 07 386 7775 Fax: 07 386 7770 E-Mail: canziape@xnet.co.nz -2- Contents Title Page Welcome -2– Security issues -3– Copyright advise -3– Contents of order -3– Basic operation -4– Sound select -5– Save and load registers -6– Styles (auto accompaniment) -7– Display instructions -8– Setup basic settings -9– - treble, bass, accord sensoric - auto off timer - display brightness - keyboard layout - volume of the accompaniment Connections - 10 – Welcome Congratulations to your choice of a Gwerder Digital Accordion We are sure, that after you have read this manual, you will be able to manage this superb instrument without any problems and you will get the best out of it. This Digital Accordion is the product of 8 years experience in the field of electronic keyboard instruments for live musical performances. Our digital accordions have been able to compete in recent years in the rough live operation successfully and reliably, but also for musicians who arrange their own pieces. It’s also excellent for students who want to practice at rest with the headphones. The accordion has a full range of advanced operations, but is very easy to handle, so you can start making music without much preparation. We wish you lots of fun with your digital accordion. Safety measures -3- - Read the instructions carefully. - Make sure that the power cord is not bent, twisted or squeezed. - Don’t put the instrument to extreme conditions such as high humidity or rain, high temperatures, direct sunlight, excessive vibration or dust. - Never touch the power supply/charger with wet hands. - Either the accordion nor the adapter/charger may be altered in any way. - Do not attempt repairs on the instrument. To avoid electrical shock, do not open the casing. Otherwise your warranty will expire. - The instrument can be very loud. Be considerate of your environment. - Note for models with built-in Ni-MH battery: It may only be connected with our original charger. The built-in Ni-MH battery is very sensitive, but requires no major attention, as our charger monitors the entire loading process. Failure to observe this requirement will void the warrenty. - The power supply/charger will not be set to the voltage. It has an automatic multi-area input (100 – 240 V 50/60Hz) Copyright notice The samples and sounds of this instrument are protected by copyright. Any reproduction or processing of samples or the disclosure to third parties is prohibited. Contents of Delivery Quantity Description 1 Digital Accordion 1 Charger 1 User manual 1 Warranty Optional extras are: footpedal, headphones, midi cable, USB adapter, case, backpack -4- Basic Operation MAX Digital Lautstärke VOLUME Sound MIN processing Balance R Wheel right = treble BALANCE clockwise = + left = bass/chord L counter-clockwise = - select by pressing the dial MAX Echo ECHO MIN STYLES AKKORD 1 BASS 1 DISKANT 1 EASY ..SETUP ..AKKORD 2 ..BASS 2 ..DISKANT 2 Bellows BELLOW Dynamik STRONG Treble 1 By short touching you come into the selection menu of t

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