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DAY 06 China first to land on dark side of the moon SYNONYM MATCH China has become the first nation ever to 1. Land A. Landmark 2. Announced B. Hazardous successfully land a spacecraft on the far side 3. Milestone C. Puzzling of the moon. The official China Central 4. Pioneer D. Basis 5. Risky E. Declared Television station announced that the lunar 6. Mission F. Period explorer spaceship, Chang'e 4, touched down 7. Mysterious G. Touch-down 8. Chapter H. Entire at 10:26am on Thursday. Professor Zhu 9. Foundation I. Innovator Menghua, from Macau University of Science 10. Whole J. Expedition and Technology, said the success of the mission was a major milestone for China and GIVE YOUR BEST ANSWER An official China TV station announced the news of the moon landing. T/F established the nation as a pioneer in space exploration. He told the New York Times: "We Chinese people have done something that the Americans have not The spacecraft landed on the moon on Thursday night. T/F dared try." Sun Zezhou, chief designer of Chang'e-4, said: "Landing on the far A professor said China was now a pioneer in space exploration. T/F side of the moon is more risky than landing on the near side." Landing on the near side of the moon is easier than the far side. T/F The Chang'e-4 probe started sending photographs back to Earth soon after it The spacecraft took over 24 hours to send photos back to Earth. T/F landed on the moon's surface. The China National Space Administration said the mission had, "lifted the mysterious veil" from the far side of the moon and When did the spacecraft start sending photos back to Earth? "opened a new chapter in human lunar exploration". Sun Zezhou told reporters What did China's space administration say had been lifted? about the significance of the program. He said it would, "help lay the foundation for future space exploration." He added: "A high-precision landing is What did China's space administration say had been opened? a necessity for further exploring the moon and asteroids. We hope to be able to What did a designer say was a necessity for exploring the moon more? reach the whole moon and even the whole solar system." China also has plans What does China want to launch by 2020? to launch a returnable spacecraft (Chang'e 5) by 2020. ICELC STUDY PROMO Invite 1 friend to study and get 1 month FREE tuition fee. Introduce our service to as many friends as you can and get as many months of tuition fee for FREE! KIDS ENGLISH BUSINESS ENGLISH TEEN ENGLISH TOEIC TOEFL IELTS TRAINING Contact “Elle” at EMAIL: magallones_january@yahoo.com M: +63 998 532 5369 http://ellenglish.wordpress.com/ DAY 07 I couldn't help it !!! Explanation : Daryl I am upset. Somebody told my boss I have a part-time job. If you can't help the way you feel or behave, you cannot control it or stop it from happening. You can also say that Smith And he doesn't like that ? you can't help yourself. Daryl No, he doesn't. He thinks that I am too tired to If you say something point-blank, you say it very directly or work. rudely, without explaining or apologizing. Smith I am sorry. I have to admit I told him.

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