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by DIRAK Mechatronic Access Control for Industrial Enclosures by DIRAK About us DIRAK is an innovation company that designs, manufactures Standard Solutions and markets mechanical and mechatronic enclosure hardware E-LINE by DIRAK products were developed to address three using the latest technologies for latches, locks, hinges, handles application areas: and gaskets. Our experienced engineers and product designers work closely with our customers transforming their requirements 1. System and access control solutions for monitoring into cost saving and innovative solutions. server racks. With more than ten years of experience, DIRAK is the market leader in this sector. Founded in 1991, DIRAK is now a worldwide enterprise. At our facilities in Germany, the USA and Asia, we employ 450 2. Locking solutions for enclosures in outdoor and people who design, produce our quality products and provide publicly accessible areas including special protection engineering support to our customers. DIRAK employs a against vandalism and unauthorized access. With vast worldwide sales network through our subsidiaries and sales experience in this area, DIRAK has numerous installations partners, ensuring that our products and services are close to globally. our customers. 3. System solutions for industrial enclosure applications. E-LINE by DIRAK is DIRAK’s line of mechatronic system DIRAK solutions can be easily installed and provide solutions that are designed to give a high level of security at the flexible, reliable access control solutions for a wide range of rack or enclosure. E-LINE is a critical component of the DIRAK enclosures that store sensitive material. innovative line of products. Custom Solutions This is our strength. DIRAK develops custom access control solutions that meet our customers’ individual requirements. This begins with consulting and continues to an individualized solution and finally to implementation. Worldwide Service DIRAK has worldwide sales and technical representation. Please contact us, for immediate access to a knowledgeable and highly trained DIRAK representative in your area. 2 E-LINE by DIRAK | Catalog 2013 / 2014 Philosophy E-LINE by DIRAK is a mechatronic access control, monitoring and management system E-LINE by DIRAK is based on RFID transponder technology. This allows all access to be identified and authorized. Our Range of Products and Services • Locking systems for individual enclosures, racks or entire computer centers • Support in choosing the right system for your application • Hardware and software • Integrating the solution into your particular security system • Support in installing the systems • Ongoing support and maintenance for the systems after installation. E-LINE by DIRAK consists of three main components that complement each other: the actual physical lock, its integration into your IT network, and the associated Administration Suite software to monitor the system. E-LINE by DIRAK Locking Solutions are available in various configurations for: Server racks (MLR Series) • Stand-alone • Networked (online systems with real-time visualization) • IP addressable • With software Universal applications (MLU Series) • Stand-alone or networked • As a single or multipoint locking solution • With software (online systems with real-time visualization) • Integrated into an existing management system • As a complete solution with the Administration Suite software Enclosures in outdoor and publicly accessible areas (MLE Series) • Stand-alone or networked • With single or dual cylinder key locks • With emergency access E-LINE by DIRAK | Catalog 2013 / 2014 3 by DIRAK Impression DIRAK Headquarters Electronicproduction Logistics 4 E-LINE by DIRAK | Catalog 2013 / 2014 Content About us. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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