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1 U lllU11 I VV '--'1 ! I U ! I U l v 2 ) in highway accident It was II slid Christmas {or a Pulnam George PIaU oC Woodstock, and Mrs. Annie family this year, (ollowing the death of Appleton of Ingersoll: her parel\ts,in,law, . !\1l!!:Lj~!1.r.ls1).!\e eage! 22, of R . R, I, Mr . a nd Mrs. John Pagel 01 Spri ngfield; her Putnam . She was killed Friday, December brother·in·law Philip Paget of Springlicld, 22 whell/he 1982 Chevy pi ckup truck she was and her sisler·in-law, Mrs, John <Glenda) driving struck a concrete bridge abutment Turner of Ingersoll . on Oxford County Road 10 (Culloden Road), The nev. Harry Brydon officialed the a few kilometers south of Highway 401. Monday, December 2~. 1984 funeral service According to Tillsonburg Opp ConsLable al McBeath Funeral Home. lntarmcnt SI. ilelga Sparks, Mrs. PageL Dnd her passen· John's Anglican Ccmetery, Thamesfnrit. VERMEEREN - AI Victoria ger, Daniel Hobblee, 18, of R.R . I, Salford, ~rar.t:On(Ton. on Wednes' were (hrown Irom the .truck inla a drainage d ay January 2, 19B5. Adriana dilch . The truck (lipped onLo its side but (Stevensl Vermeeren In her T 1\)<:::' ~ ~ S,C)L'I_ 1\61i'1 ye~r, loved wile 01 Ihe rcmained on the road. I~II) Garard Vermee,en The accident occurred during a heavy d.- \~ '6""S (1982). of Q,dor() Re{llonal rainstorm, at around 8 p.m., when drilling ~c..."\.)..Q..~ , lI(lfs,lng Home, IngersoH. OeM 'nelMr 01 Mrs' Ben Mayerlnw conditions were poor , said Canst. Sparks. I IUlrll\al, Tillsonburg. MIS. Plel The vehicle WilS souUlbound at the time of .'Jh Ellen. (LUcie). Hona"d: Ule accident. Mrs. Paget WilS driving Mr. Hubert. Ing9r80ll, Mrs. Thymen Beereoool (;orrie). Hobblee to a party. : Holland, Mrs. Merlin van OPP officials suggested that a seatbelt . Bo,,~el pean). Ingersoll. MIS. may have saved the victim's life, or reduced : 8en WeUlnk (elllhy). A R 7 injuries. . Tills<)nbUlg. Peler. A A 1 llrownsv~le . Jerly. fI A I Mr. Hobblee was laken to Alexandra ;'jrOIVnsv,lle. MIS Joe Schem' Hospital then Irans{erred to London's t ,1 (Lenlel. Oercheslel . Also Victoria HospiiaL Thursday afternoon he $IOIvlved by Ihlrly·seven was reported to be in good condition. ,,,elldcllil(),en and Iwenly· lou' ~1 : ('al · gr8l1dChlldren .F,lends Mrs. Pagel is survived by her husbana "1011 be rocelved AI Ihe Mark, and her daughter Cassandra Lee . I.~cee,,'h Fune-al Heme. 246 Also survIving arc her parents, Mr. and ~ Io.l/TlOS Slreol SO\llh. IngerSOll u,'lti Salu'd~y J3I\uaJy 5 al Mrs. [kv Appleton o( H.I{. 3, Ingersoll: her 1');45 811\ .. Ihen 10 Ihe brolher William DouglDs Appleton of H.n. 3, BIRTHS (."urch 01 (he Sac,ed Hearl lor Ingersoll: her grllildpal'cnls Mr. Bnd Mrs. " '~elnl Moss· QI I 1:00 !I.m ..

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