• Document: How to convert a midi file to a style file for the FAME G2000 or MEDELI A1000 keyboard
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How to convert a midi file to a style file for the FAME G2000 or MEDELI A1000 keyboard For this tutorial you’ll need a midi file editor like Anvil Studio. This one is free for all the needed tools. You will need a software to convert a midi file into a yamaha style. Style works run properly but is more complicated to use than midi2style. You can find it at : http://www.jososoft.dk/yamaha/software/midi2style/index.htm After you will have to use DOS tools in order to suppress sys event in the midi file. Warning they don’t work on a 64 bits version of windows. These tools are midi2txt.exe and txt2midi.exe. You can find this tools at http://www.gnmidi.com/gnfreeen.htm First Part : Modify the midi file in order to convert it in style. Before converting a midi file into a style file you have to suppress useless tracks and allocate right midi chanel of each track. - Listen the file to locate the differents variations (intro, Main A, ….) - Reduce the number of tracks to eight (2 drums tracks and 6 instrumental track). The percussion and drum track must be respectively on 9 and 10 chanel. You have to respect that if you want the style works. You must respect the following allocation of chanels too : • chanel 9 percussion • chanel 10 drums kit • chanel 11 bass • chanel 12 chords 1 • chanel 13 chords 2 • chanel 14 PAD • chanel 15 phrase 1 • chanel 16 phrase 2 the tracks 11 to 13 will enable regognition of the song chords. You have to assign to these track instruments like rythmic guitar, piano, strings … 1-/ Open the midi file 2-/ Suppress useless tracks keep the melodic track in order to locate the differents variations and suppress the track as you like. You have to make a choice in order to keep only 6 instrumentals tracks and 2 drums tracks. Keep the tracks that seems essentials. 3-/ Allocate the chanel between 9 and 16 4-/ Export midi format 0 file Change the name of the file in order to keep the original file. You can prefix the file by 0 to specify the file type. 5-/ Choose the differents parts as you like. In the exemple there are not fill in because the melody is ininterrupted until the end. Note le begining and the duration of the part on a paper or in a file you will use in the next step (use of midi2style). Second part : transform the midi file into style file for YAMAHA 1-/ Run midi2style an open the midi file perform in the previous step (0onelove.mid) 2-/ Define the accompaniment type of each track 3-/ Define the limit of the different variation (begin and length)éfinir les différentes parties du style : 4-/ Specify the part to keep without convertion (intros and endings) 5-/ define convertion parameters 6-/ Style convertion choose the saving name of the style save all the convertion parameters and style specifications. 7-/ Listen the differents variations of the converted style. Third part : convertion of the yamaha style into a FAME G2000 style 1-/ tranform the style file into a midi file that suit to Grand Suite. Rename the file .sty in .mid (optional) The yamaha style file are in fact midi file but they include sys event that disrupt Grand Suite. We will use 2 tools which enable to suppress easily the sys events. You will have to convert the midi file en .txt file. Edit the text file for suppress the sys events and convert again the text file in midi file. Warning windows 64 bits don’t allow you to use these tools. You can get around the problem with a DOS emulator. -Copy the style file in a root repository of your hard drive by example c:\convert - Rename the file 0onelove.sty in 0onelove.mid or love.mid (the name must be less than 8 caracters lenght) . - Copy the midi2txt.exe and txt2midi.exe file in the convert repository. - Open the command Dos windows. - write cd\ then enter and cd convert then enter - write midi2txt 0onelove.sty onelove.txt - open onelove.txt - suppress « sysevent …until .. end sysevent» - save the file - write txt2midi love.txt onelove.mid 2-/ midi file convertion into a fame G2000 style with Grand Suite. Run Grand Suite Open the midi file of the convert repository (onelove.mid) SuiFollow the steps in Grand Suite. Test the style on the Fame : The style should run properly but the introducing and ending variation works only if you make a major chord. This is the default parameters of Grand suite when you create a style but you can correct this on the fame in editing the style. On each tracks of the introducing and ending variation choose “ALL” instead of “MAJ”.

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