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Breath Alcohol Tester Advanced fuel cell sensor Personal & professional use alcohol tester DA-7100 Instruction Manual For your safety! Important safety information Before using the alcohol tester, read all instruction manual carefully and practice the test. Maintenance and calibration should be performed by experts. Test should be performed after 20 minutes after eating, drinking or smoking, if failure to wait 20 minutes may result in invalid results or incorrect results. Residual alcohol in the mouth can distort the measurement. Aromatic drinks, mouth sprays containing alcohol can interfere with measurements. In this case, wait for 20 minutes or rinsing the mouth with pure water. Do not permit to blow cigarette smoke into the tester which may damage the sensor. Do not drink and drive, even small amount of alcohol can result in driving impairment. Recommended to use calibration service every 12 months or after 500 times tests. Do not use this device as a tool to determine ędrink and driveĚ. The manufacturer and the sellers will not take any legal responsibility for the test results. When not used for a long time, keep the device after taking out the batteries. In case of testing after long-term storage, there might be high tolerance of test results for the first 3 tests. Replace the batteries when the battery indicator icon reaches empty for the accuracy reason. Test result is 0.1%BAC or higher and you try again without any term, then warm up time might be delayed. Perform a test within the operating temperature, which is specified in the instruction manual. 1 Introduction Thank you for purchasing our breathalyzer, DA-7100 which is a personal & professional use alcohol tester with extremely high-reliability. It can be used for hospitals, schools, and many other segments. It measures estimate B.A.C(Blood Alcohol Content) in human breath by means of a fuel cell sensor which is high durable sensors and providing accurate breath alcohol results. Name of each parts 1. Mouthpiece 2. Mouthpiece In 3. Display 4. Power & Start button 5. Battery cover <Front> <Back> Preparation Install two AAA batteries in the battery compartment by paying attention to the battery polarity. Gently pull the cover down 2 x AAA batteries (1.5V Alkaline) 2 Insert a mouthpiece into the port on the side of the alcohol tester. Ensure whether it is securely fit or not. A new mouthpieces is to be used for every person tested. Insert a mouthpiece into the port gently! Do not permit to blow cigarette smoke into the tester. Performing the measurement Press the power button The total number of test performed will be displayed briefly and start countdown. When the countdown reaches zero with a double beep sound, three dashes ( ) will be displayed and ęSTARTĚ will flash. Take a deep breath and blow the mouthpiece for five seconds until there is a double beep sound. When the sampling was successful, LCD outer lines will be turning along the edge of LCD as you can see the picture. After a few seconds(depending on the alcohol level), the estimated BAC(Blood Alcohol Concentration) will be displayed. The value will flash for several seconds. If you want to test again, press the start button to restart the countdown cycle. The tester automatically will be turned off after 15~20 seconds. Wait at least 20 minutes after eating, drinking or smoking before measurement. 3 Display message & Problem-solving guide MESSAGE WHAT IT MEANS ACTION Full battery None required. Empty battery : Warns when battery is low. The unit can be Replace new batteries. operated but recommended to change new batteries for correct result! If display ęBATĚ, the unit can not be Replace new batteries operated, change new batteries immediately. immediately. If the sampling volume is too Press button again to low or not sufficiently blow. repeat the measurement. If there is no breath sample blown Pre

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