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The Magical Revival by Kenneth Grant Contents + +++ + Introduction page 1 Return of the Phoenix 5 2 Metaphysical Bases of Sexual Magick 26 3 Dark Dynasties 50 4 Centres of Power 68 5 Drugs and the Occult 84 6 Barbarous Names of Evocation 100 7 Star Fire 119 8 Blood, Vampirism, Death and Moon Magick 137 9 Strayed Gods 150 10 Dion Fortune 173 11 Austin Osman Spare and the Zos Kia Cultus 180 12 The Death Posture and the New Sexuality 199 13 Conclusion 209 Glossary 213 Bibliography 230 Index 234 ERRATA This volume is a direct reprint from the 1972 first edition, in which there were a number of errors. These have all been markedwith an asterisk wherever they arise in the text, and have been listed on page 234. Illustrations + +++ + facing page Aleister Crowley at the age of fifty-six 20 Liber Oz (The Book of Strength) 21 The magical seals of Crowley's occult organization 52 Magical designs on the ceiling and floor of the Vault of the Adepts 53 Lam, an extraterrestial Intelligence with whom Crowley was in astral contact 84 Aleister Crowley in 1910 85 The Stele of Revealing 116 Austin Spare in the Death Posture 116-7 Formula of Zos Vel Thanatos 116-7 The Self in Ecstasy by Austin Spare 117 NU-Isis by Austin Spare 148 Black Eagle, a painting by Austin Spare of his familiar 149 The Death Posture: preliminary sensation symbolized 180 The Magical Thought-stream by Austin Spare 180 Preliminaries to the Witches' Sabbath as painted by Austin Spare 181 Line Illustrations The Qabalistic Tree of Life, showing the ten Sephiroth and twenty-two Paths 212 The Qabalistic Tree of Life, showing the system of grades according to Crowley's 213 reorganization of the A.'.A.'. For STEFFI and GREGORY Acknowledgements + +++ + The author has at his disposal the entire body of Aleister Crowley's writings (published and unpublished), and wishes to thank Mr. John Symonds-Crowley's literary executor-for allowing complete freedom in the use of it. He also wishes to thank Frater Ani Abthilal, IX O.T.O., who made available an initiated Tantric work on the worship of the Supreme Goddess, by an Adept of the Left Hand Path, which has thrown much light on the Draconian Mysteries that Crowley and others helped to revive. Foreword "For us, who have the inner knowledge, inherited or won, it remains to restore the true rites of Attis, Adonis, Osins, of Set, Serapis, Mithras, and Abel". These words of Aleister Crowley inspired me as a youth, and, imagining myself as one of those to whom they were addressed, I soon discovered that for some reason I have not been able to fathom it was the god Set that I was being called upon to honour. I accordingly took it upon myself to penetrate the Mysteries of this, the most ancient

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